Women Leader's Retreat

This past January I went on an exciting and life changing trip to Chiang Mai, Thailand! I wanted to encourage and show God’s love to the women in the area. Some were prostitutes, some were former prostitutes and others were local women leaders who daily pour out their time and energy into the ladies – and the children there. These are women God is so proud of! Women who are doing the work of God, one person at a time, one hug at a time – without fame or a big ministry title. Just daily sowing and loving for the sheer joy of Kingdom work! Beautiful. Simple. One life at a time.

While preparing to speak at the women leader’s conference, God spoke to my spirit and revealed something so deep – and yet seemingly so simple about what I was to speak on. My topic was on the importance of rest. I would deliver my message and then I was going to love on the women by making some of my Royally Relaxing Body Scrub and then have them massage it into each other’s hands for a relaxing ending to our session for the afternoon. “But God….” – yes, don’t you just love those “but God” moments!! He revealed the symbolism of each ingredient (salt, oil, aroma) in my body scrub as it corresponds to specific details and attributes of what happens when we spend time in His presence. So over the next few weeks and possibly months – with God’s help – I would love to share with you about what I’ve been learning! It seems to be a rabbit hole of sorts as I keep learning as He keeps revealing further facets of His love for us! In fact, did you know there is a “Salt Covenant” in the Bible…?? It’s very interesting! I would appreciate your prayers on this journey. I believe there is a reason God is wanting me to share this with you – I believe God’s heart for us as a Father is one who wants to nurture us and protect us as we abide in His presence. We simply can’t do anything supernatural or extraordinary without Him. I am desperate for Him and refuse to settle for a life that is anything less than one based on being swept away in His arms as He reveals His plans and purposes for my life! I need His peace and direction. His healing and comfort. His sweet aroma in my life that only comes from time spent in His presence. I hope you will journey with me….

In His Love,
Kelly xoxo

Royally Relaxing Body Scrub