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Talkin’ Trash?

Can we back up everything we say? Do we really believe everything we say about God? A couple of years ago I was standing in line next to these two “ladies” that were….let’s just say…not from around here. They were talking some serious “trash” about various life issues – the Italian mafia, the cops, “G’s”, – LOTS of “G’s” – how they could do this and that, and they weren’t afraid of anything…or anybody!  BIG attitude!

It was pretty ironic coming from these 2 petite women – although I knew these women could probably pound me! (ha) I did not want to find out! I wondered if it were all true. Did they really know someone in the Italian mafia….?? That’s kinda cool……..ok, maybe not!!! They seemed pretty confident – could they back it up? I had a feeling they could not.

I began to wonder about Christians who talk trash. We sit around and say things like, “God is good!”, We have an awesome God!”, He works all things for the good!” – but do we REALLY believe it or are we just talkin’ BIG? Can we back it up by our experiences and our daily life? I know God can uphold his end of the bargain, but do we uphold our end…by believing. Do we really believe that He is awesome (Psalm 6:35), that He is my peace (John 14:27), that He heals (Isaiah 61:1, Matthew 10:8), that He DOES work all things for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28)?

God help us in our unbelief – no more talkin’ trash. Pour into us your love and power. Open our eyes to see your awesome hand all around us. Cause us to be genuine, MIGHTY women AND men of FAITH!


Almost always when I get overwhelmed it’s because I’m not putting “first things first”. Make sure you get God’s Word in you every day…even just reading through a little daily devotional for just 5 minutes in the morning. It is critical to renew our minds with God’s Word. Do you have defeating and negative thoughts….or do you have empowering, grace-filled, encouraging thoughts? There are 3 main places our thoughts come from: God, the devil/the enemy and our own minds.

God sounds like this: John 10:10 says that God came to give you LIFE and that you may have it abundantly!” God sounds like: you can do it! I have given you everything you need! You are my chosen child and I have an amazing plan for you and your family and I love you unconditionally!

The enemy sounds like this: He is in opposition to all things of God – he is the enemy of God, and therefore thinks of you as an enemy to be destroyed. Remember that devil is the “father of lies” – there is no Truth in him, “He comes only to kill, steal and destroy.” (John 10:10)  You will never amount to anything, you should just die and end it now, everyone hates you, God isn’t real, you are a bad mom or dad, you’ve tried that before and it doesn’t work, you’re running out of money, there is never enough, you’re body is so ugly and so on….blah, blah, blah…

Our Minds have 2 parts:

1.) Old man/flesh man (before we knew God) which is our own fallen thinking… It sounds and acts like:  I want more, I need more, I can’t ever have enough, what I have isn’t right for me… I’m not good enough, life isn’t fair, corruption and disobedience.

2.) New man/spirit man (after we come to God)   It has to be RENEWED by God’s word. We must have God’s “filter” over our minds to keep us on track and out of the ditch. 😉 Romans 12:2 “…be transformed by the renewing of your mind, that you may prove what is that good and acceptable and perfect will of God.” It sounds like this: I am enough in God’s eyes, I am more than a conqueror, I have just what I need, I’m content, I’m at peace, I have joy, I love others and forgive them because God forgives me. I want to be obedient to what God is saying to me.

Resist the enemy…he is a LIAR!! Renew your mind with God’s word! You are an awesome, valuable and a capable child of the King….take one day at a time and lean on the Lord (not yourself) and he will make your path straight! (Proverbs 3:5-6)

Now go take on the day!!! 🙂 ~Kelly

So, my friend Stephanie (who also co-pastors our church with her husband) says that I am a “verbal processor” ….hhmmmm? Aren’t ALL women verbal processors I asked?…She said no. I laughed and have been pondering it ever since. I’ve decided to start a blog that can be a virtual “mind-dump” for all these words in my head! 🙂 I hope to be of some encouragement as I share the things that God is teaching me.

I chose the name “Intimate Allies” from one of my favorite books by John Eldredge called “Waking the Dead”. The theme of the book is that there is a battle for our hearts and God wants to have our hearts become fully alive – free. We are in desperate need of intimacy – not crowds. We need real conversations about where we are “at” in this walk of life.  This will be a place where I want to bring hope, encouragement, truth and humor to the deep places of our hearts. Where you have an ally in the journey…a place to pop into and take away something that will bring you freedom and understanding.  If you have something you are struggling with…send me an e-mail or comment and let’s jump on it! This is my heart’s desire – with the Lord’s help….we will walk it out together.

With His Love,